Touch Lua Wiki

This is a list of bugs in Touch Lua.

Bugs that crash Touch Lua

  • In Touch Lua version 1.3.2, when using the script editor, Touch Lua can crash to the home screen. [1]
    • One of the ways you can crash the application is by moving the cursor on a line with a glitched character in a script.
    • If you delete a line from a script that contains the function keyword, Touch Lua crashes.
    • If you move the right highlighting handle to blank space in a script, Touch Lua crashes.
    • In Touch Lua 1.3.4, you can also crash Touch Lua by typing a character when the syntax highlighting is being updated. [2]
  • In Touch Lua 1.3 and later, the black window of death occurs when you tap the run button repeatedly as the first Script editor window opens. It also spontaneously occurs when running a script too quickly after the script has been saved. [3] This bug has never been fixed.
    • When a black window of death is encountered the script does not run, even though the output window is shown correctly. However, when you tap the back button the window turns black, and when you tap the back button, Touch Lua crashes.
  • In Touch Lua version 1.3.1, when using the draw.imagesave function, if you give an invalid file address as the first argument, instead of giving an error, Touch Lua crashes to the home screen. This is fixed in Touch Lua 1.3.2.

Incorrectly named variables

  • In Touch Lua 1.1.5, the draw.darkgray color is incorrectly named draw.drakgray.
  • In Touch Lua 1.3.2 and later, the Audio library has multiple functions with bg in their names which are named incorrectly and have "pg" instead of "bg". [4]

Other Bugs

  • In Touch Lua 1.3.5, sound files can start playing but make no audible sound. [5]