Touch Lua Wiki

This library originated from Touch Lua and scripts using it will only work correctly in Touch Lua.

sys is a Touch Lua library.

Library functions

Function name Arguments Returns Description Origin
sys.print Template:Tuple nil Same as print, except there is no new line character appended at the end. Touch Lua 1.1
sys.println Template:Tuple nil Same as print. Touch Lua 1.1
sys.clear None nil Clears the output window. Touch Lua 1.1
sys.input string prompt string value Prompts the user to type in characters, without appending a new line after the prompt text. Touch Lua 1.1
sys.sleep number time nil Stops operations for the amount of time given in milliseconds. Touch Lua 1.1
sys.locate number row, number col nil Relocates the output window cursor. Touch Lua 1.1
sys.alert string alert nil Triggers an alert sound or vibration. Touch Lua 1.1.1
sys.dir string directory table files found Returns a table with a list of files in the relative path. Touch Lua 1.1
sys.color numbers red, green, blue, alpha table color Returns a table which can be used with the other functions. Touch Lua 1.3.6
sys.setcolor table color nil Sets the text color of the output window for new lines. Touch Lua 1.3.6
sys.setbgcolor table color nil Sets the background color of the output window. Touch Lua 1.3.6
sys.setfont string font, number size boolean success Sets the text font of the output window. Touch Lua 1.3.6