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This wiki is about Touch Lua, an iPhone and iPad app created by Hawwash-Soft. Here you can find information on how to create Touch Lua scripts and applications, and also some Touch Lua applications made by members of the wiki. Of course, you can help the wiki grow by editing the pages and adding information to them.

What is Touch Lua?

Touch Lua is an iPhone and iPad application made by Hawwash-Soft. It allows you to create Lua 5.2 scripts that do all kinds of functions. For example, you can make a calculator script, a graph program, a notepad, and simple games. Plus, if you purchase the Draw library, you can create graphs in real time, allowing the creation of advanced applications such as office programs and graphical games.

It uses the Lua scripting language, which is similar to other programming languages in power, but is easier to learn and is more compact. Lua is also used in other applications, like on a MediaWiki plugin installed on Wikipedia, or in the free-to-play MMO like game named Roblox. Lua scripts enhance Roblox by allowing players to build fully featured games using Lua scripts programmed by users.

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